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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Whatcom Nature Calendar

I found an awesome Whatcome Nature Calendar from Bellingham Herald. Here is for March.
I can't wait to see ladybugs again.

✦ Ladybugs come out of hibernation.
✦ The fragrance of budding black cottonwood fills the air with a sweet balsam scent.
✦ If you walk close to a pond early in the month, you might hear a low murmuring sound. It’s male red-egged frogs calling beneath the water for mates.
✦ Red-flowering currant blooms.
✦ Silver-spotted tiger moth caterpillars, which hatch in the fall and spend the winter huddled together in douglas fir trees, begin to spread out.
✦ Crustaceans, fish, mollusks and other sea creatures release thousands of tiny larvae into the plankton through March and April.
✦ Brant geese that winter in Mexico stop at Padilla Bay in Skagit County.
✦ Great blue herons move to colonies.
✦ Mid-month, violetgreen swallows and rufous hummingbirds arrive.
✦ Amphibian egg masses appear in ponds.
✦ Trillium blooms.


Sherri said...

Well that was very interesting. Makes you feel like your a part of the up coming Spring Celebration. I also love, love the pixs of the girls with the snowman in the previous post and what a beautiful house on the lake.....Keep it coming...

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