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Friday, October 15, 2010

My teeny evergreen tree

I've been busy shopping and planting trees in our yard. I got this evergreen called Abies Koreana 'Aurea' .  It's gorgeous as is and it bears insanely beautiful purple cones even at young age.  

It's suppose to anchor the corner of our property so it needed to have good presence in size but the biggest size they had was still tiny. Oh well. I had to have it.  If anyone has good potion or spell to make them big and strong, please let me know. Grow, tree, grow!

I still need a lot more trees to plant. My good friend Jen loves Cloud Mountain Farm in Everson and I haven't been there yet. If the weather is good I will finally check it out tomorrow.  They are having 50% off sale on trees in burlap. Yipee!!!   I can't wait! Who's coming with me?


Two Tulips Talking said...

Kim.....You will love cloud mountain. When we lived in the county,we bought a lot of stuff from there. We lined our driveway with another great tree called Everest crabapple.I think that was the name. They get the most beautiful bright red tiny apples that the birds love. They only grow about 6-7 tall. Happy hunting!

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