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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cloud Mountain Farm

We made it to Cloud Mountain Farm over the weekend. Jen was right about that place. What an amazing nursery. I loved the setting, friendly and knowledgeable staff and wonderful selection of plants. 30% off was just icing on the cake!

If you've been to the farm, you probably noticed the paperbark maple in front of the store. I've always loved that tree. It gives year-round interest. It is low maintenance and is perfect for a small garden. What else could you ask for?  I recently saw a paperbark during the Whatcom artist studio tour in front of  Lisa Mcshane's  studio and I thought it was my destiny to have one even though I had no clue where I can put it! (Hi Lisa!) Then, I saw the one in front of the store at Cloud Mountain which just confirmed it was indeed destiny... I loaded up all my trees, including some apples and beeches and drove home. Along the way home, I realized I forgot to tell the staff I wanted a paperbark, too. Haha. So the next day, of course I had to go back to get it and it was a good excuse to get some more plants. :)

These came home with me today.

Two apple trees- hubby wants to espalier them to hide unsightly chain link fence to the storm water pond behind our property.

It's hard to imagine though that my ugly twiggy little tree can become something like this. 

Three columnar beech trees- this will give nice vertical element to the backyard while providing some screening to the neighbor's yard. I hope Ian (he's my landscaper and brother-in-law) will agree.

One Methley plum tree - this is self pollinating so I only needed one. How fun it will be to harvest juicy plums with the kids.

An added bonus was that there was a pumpkin patch at the Cloud Mountain and my kids had lots of fun. Thank you Stephanie for baby sitting my kids at the farm!


Two Tulips Talking said...

Sherri here! I knew you would love Cloud Mountain. I love the pixs of the girls and love, love the shadow on the pumpkins in first picture.

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