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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Debating between the two

I have been looking for a stool for my kitchen island forever and finally I found something I like. Problem is there are two of them. Which one should I get.

I like that #2 is more versatile because height is adjustable and I think it will be nice to have that feature for the kids. It's cheaper but currently out of stock. I don't know if I can wait any more. I want something NOW.
I like #1 because it is smart and sleek! I like the modern look of it. Mr. Practical (a.k.a hubby) said you have to put the felt all the way along the bottom. 

Decision decision decision. What do you like?


Susan said...

Stool number 2 by an overwhelming majority at this house. One: it's more versatile and can be used in other places if you decide you want something different there. Two: and this is a biggie - you will never be able to keep floor protecting pads on the first one (I know Greg said that too.) You will be so POed trying to keep those pads on there... Three: I really likes the look of the typesetter stool - and it will accommodate larger derrières.

Gobi Lily said...

It's a hard call even for some who is ultra pragmatic/ practical! I wish that contoured top from #1 is on #2. I'm guessing you probably can find something with all the features you want if money is no object. I find myself regretting if I rush to a decision - only to find later ( often very soon) there is something even better. I guess that's not so helpful when you just want a " this" or " that" answer. Lily

Kim said...

Thank you for your opinions ladies. I'm leaning towards #2 myself. It's so true I will go nuts trying to protect the floor. Lily, I like the contoured top on the first one too. I always worried about kids falling off the stool. The contoured top might keep their little bum in place.

Sherri said...

Practical #2 for a number of reasons.....BUT...I've seen #2 a dozen times and have never seen #1 in decorting.I think thats why I just love #1. You know me..when everyone says go left..I always go right. You'll know which one fits your family and needs.Don't decide because of what all of us'll be sorry. Happy decorating.

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