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Friday, January 28, 2011

Not-so-welcomed addition to the family

Hubby and I have been trying very hard to simplify our life by being organized. We want to clean up our garage full of junks to be able to park our car there again.

And THEN I brought this home. It was sitting by curb all alone with a little sign says "I'm free. Please pick me up". It looked so lonely and I was sure I can make her as pretty as she once was. I couldn't just ignore her and go on my way. I had to pick her up.

It is understatement to say hubby was frustrated . We have enough junk and things to fix already and  my 24 hours seems getting shrunken everyday and why I keep bringing home projects. I'm frustrated with myself as much as he is. When I will get around to make this okay enough to bring inside is really really questionable. What should I do to fix this habit?

But I have to say I had a vision at least! I didn't just pick it up because it was free. I saw the potential in this dresser. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?
Look at what these ladies did with not so perfect piece of furniture. I have a dream to be cool like Kelly at High Street Market or Jenny at Little Green Notebook. :) Do you know any good place to pick up handles and pulls? Now I'm really pumped to make this work. :)

Guess how much this painted Armoire by designer Chloe Redmond Warner sold for at the One Kings Lane Tastemakers Sale? Just under four THOUSAND (not hundred). My addiction doesn't sound too bad right now. Only if I can get my frogs turn into princessess.


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