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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Veggie garden

Today I was looking at some of the photos of our yard from last year and I couldn't believe the difference. It's still a work in progress (well, who am I kidding. It will always be a work in progress) but I'm very happy with what we have accomplished so far. Here are the before and after pictures (not quite the completed after but you know)



We had fun creating our front veggie garden with great design help from my brother-in-law, Ian, at Private Gardens, and our neighbor, Bob. He built the fence and gave us all sorts of great ideas and amazing help. We are so blessed with great neighbors. I should mention my hubby built the raised bed. (Thank you!) The incredibly talented interior designer, Brooke, at Velvet and Linen had this post about her kitchen garden, and it was so inspiring. 

Brooke's garden

My mom planted this kubota squash and they are doing great. (Mom , I miss you)

I'm loving these sunflowers. Our beans did really well covering the trellis on the right entirely. On the other hand, our cucumbers were suppose to cover the left side trellis but they didn't do so well this year.

I couldn't agree more with Brooke that having a veggie garden can help kids eat healthier. Our daughter Ella loves eating our home-grown green beans, lettuce, and carrots (cooked at least). Before we grew them in the garden, she crinkled her nose every time she saw them on the table. Here she is harvesting strawberries right into her mouth.


Ike said...

I can't believe how much bigger the garden space looks now!

Kai said...

What a wonderful thing to see. We bought our home just 2 years ago and have been slowly changing our yard into a food machine. Its great to see a professional doing the same! Your garden look delicious

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