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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chickens in the city

So the Iowan farmer side of my hubby wants to raise a few chickens for eggs (no rooster) in our back yard. I'm not sure how I feel about that. So many questions came to my mind: are we allowed to do that, will it be a lot of work, will they annoy the neighbors, will they make our back yard messy, will they attract their predators to our yard? Sure, it will be educational and fun for the kids to learn responsibility, help to feed and collect fresh eggs, but as you can see those questions are all worries. We live in the city and I know there is quite a big community of chicken-raising families in Bellingham. But maybe it is for people with huge lots. I don't know.

I think, ahem, I think I might consider it with a chicken coop this cool.

 Please share your experience with us if you have raised or are raising chickens in your own yard or have a neighbor  who does. What are your thoughts on raising chickens in the city?


sherri said...

Kim...When do you find the time? I love-love-love your blog. The chicken coops are so cute...I wonder if my landlord would allow chickens lol. I found another site you might like for ideas. check it out.

Kim said...

Well, I bet your landlord might allow them. Check with them. :) Thank you for the new site.

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